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Please Hold ...

While I Figure Things Out

27 September 1984
credit goes to likeadoll for the Userinfo banner

I exaggerate when it comes to my age and fear the looming, approaching age.

I don't believe age makes a woman a woman, but her confidence does.

I am a hopeless romantic. So very,very hopeless.

I love dancing,but hate that my Significant Other won't dance with me ever again.

I have a lot of growing up to do. Some I felt I should've done earlier in life.

I hate the feeling of being "buzzed", but I do drink alcohol(on rare occassion).

I love anything related to Health(esp. fitness and nutrition) and Fashion(styles, beauty, makeovers).

I can be brutally honest, but for the last while I've had that under control, although I slip now and then. I also hate lying, so I tell things to the best of my knowledge without exaggerating.

I am both a Perfectionist and a Pessimist, so beware. I'm trying to get both under control and changed for the better permanently.

And lastly,I often take things to


I am an American who's been living in Canada and have been so for over 3 years with my fiancee. We lived in the upstairs of his mother's house, it's like our own little apartment without a kitchen and bathroom. Now, I'm living between Oahu, Hawaii and Atlantic Canada.

I'm trying out something new with my journal. I was tired of complaining and offending myself or other people unintentionally. All personal entries about my life are Private. All miscellaneous stuff is Friends Only like pictures, polls, things I want to share that's not personal, etc.
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