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the one and only me

I like how this community is for the highs and lows of a long-term relationship,so I'd like to join.I gotta promote though so here's my shot at it.If you're in a long-term relationship and I know a lot of people are on my list,heh,give it a try=)


Well I figured it out. You're in twoheartslove. A lot of people in that community are in _deeply_in_love and a lot of people in that community are in long_term_love. It's sort of like a train. But one of my best online friends modern_illusion is the mod for that one.
ha,it's like a lot of the people I want to add are friends with friends on my list here.Even random people.I was shocked when I tried to add somebody not friends with anyone on my list and found out after the add that she is,heh.