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the one and only me

Credit goes to iharthdarth


Saw you on twoheartslove and I'm adding you.
I saw your post on trueljfriends, and you seem like someone I would be interested in getting to know, so I added you :)

(which reminds me: I need to get my butt in gear and post my intro there. Holidays+work+being sick the last few days doesn't make for a good combination!!)
sure,i added you back=)
sure i'll add you. feel free to add me too! :)
Hey, I just wanted to post on here regarding the notyetengaged community? I'm pixiestixx017 on there, but due to some stalkerish behavior from an ex friend, I had to change my username. As of now, I'm not putting up my birthdate or anything else, so I knew I wouldn't be able to be accepted into the community (and then post an explanation) so I figured I'd comment on here first, then apply to be accepted so you'd know why I wasn't fulfilling the requirements of having a birthdate, length of relationship, etc...

Thanks, hope I didn't sound too confusing!